Tafelkleden voor elke gelegenheid

Tablecloths for every occasion

Goodbye sterile, welcome warmth

The period of a sterile facility is now over. According to the latest trends, we should surround ourselves with velvety fabrics, cushions, sheepskins, green plants and wallpaper with a print. The walls radiate warmth and coziness with colors such as ocher, terra or green. The tableware no longer has to be coordinated but can consist of various styles and colors. The more color and texture, the better.

Small investment, lots of fun

This way you can also give your tables a true metamorphosis relatively cheaply. Very simple, by using a tablecloth. Tablecloths are available in so many sizes, colours, materials and shapes that there is a suitable one for every table, both indoors and outdoors. With a few tablecloths in stock you can vary wonderfully and add extra atmosphere and character to your living environment in no time. It is mainly a matter of personal taste, sometimes also a matter of a little courage.

Choose the table linen that suits you

There are various types of tablecloths, for example coated table linen. This has the appearance of a luxurious tablecloth, with the great advantage that it is easy to clean due to a coated layer. Ideal in a household with kids. It looks a lot cozier than with a plastic tablecloth, but is just as easy to clean. Coated table linen is simply woven cotton in cheerful stripes in various colors. One side of this striped tablecloth is treated with acrylic. They are slightly more expensive to purchase than a cotton tablecloth.

A cotton tablecloth always creates atmosphere. It can be easily washed, time after time after time. It is slightly cheaper than a coated tablecloth and of course available in various sizes and stripes.

tafelkleed voor iedere gelegenheid

Kleurmeester.nl stands on its stripes, only quality on the table

Kleurmeester.nl designs and produces all its table linen in its own studio. The combination of our own designs, passion, craftsmanship and experience guarantees a unique and cheerful collection of table linen. From coated table linen to cotton tablecloths, all products are made in the studio and delivered from stock, so that you can quickly receive these colorful products. Do you have special wishes, for example a different size for your tablecloth with stripes? Kleurmeester.nl is happy to give you advice.

But there's more

Completely in the style of the striped tablecloths, Kleurmeester.nl also produces very nice cushions, for indoors and outdoors. No matter how dark it is, that feeling will immediately fade into the background if you make yourself comfortable with these pillows. These can also be custom made, just like the curtains, table runners, napkins or placemats. Nothing is too crazy. You always receive sincere and professional advice.

Still room left in the house? The beach chairs, director's chairs, stools and folding tables add even more cheerfulness to your interior.

Go to www.kleurmeester.nl/tafellinnen and order one of the cheerful items today.

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