Washing instructions

100% cotton fabric and linen cotton blend fabric

Wash the 100% cotton fabric/product the first time with a cold wool program without washing powder. Then wash on a normal program at 30 degrees, with a little washing powder. Centrifuge on low setting. Remove the fabric/product from the washing machine as soon as possible after the program has ended. Allow to air dry, do not tumble dry, iron on cotton setting. During the first wash, the fabric shrinks on average 10% in the length of the fabric and 4% in the width. Follow-up washes can be done at 60 degrees. We recommend chemical cleaning for curtains.

Beach chair canvas

This cotton fabric is made of natural fibers that discolour under prolonged exposure to sunlight. We therefore recommend storing the product indoors. The care of this fabric is the same as that of cotton.

Coated fabric

The coated fabric is specially treated with multiple layers of acrylic that makes the fabric resistant to liquids. Use the fabric with the coating facing up. After each use, wipe the coated fabric side with a sponge and water with mild soap and wipe dry with a cloth. The fabric can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees without fabric softener. Spin on low speed and let the fabric air dry, do not tumble dry. Iron on the untreated fabric (non-shiny) side on the cotton setting. Wash a maximum of twice a year because the coating wears off with frequent washing.

Outdoor fabrics

The special acrylic outdoor fabrics are UV light resistant, colourfast, shrink-free, moisture-resistant and have a special stain-resistant finish. Briefly brush with a soft brush, water and mild soap for maintenance. Can be washed at 30 degrees, air dried, not in the tumble dryer. Then iron without steam to reactivate the finish. Do not have it chemically cleaned.

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