Custom beach chair runner

Do you have a nice beach chair, director's chair or fishing stool that needs new fabric upholstery? And would you like to sit comfortably in that? Then we can help you with that. If you are handy, buy new canvas fabric from us and get started yourself to provide your chair or stool with new upholstery.

Doing it yourself is not an option for you? Then let us help you reupholster your chair with one of the colormasters beach chair fabrics. Choose easy-care outdoor fabric or the natural warmth of cotton canvas fabric .

Have you previously purchased a beach chair, director's chair, folding stool or bistro set from us and would you like to order new upholstery for it? Then you can order a separate runner or upholstery with the dimensions matched to our own range of chairs. Click on this link for the individual runners and mention in the comment that you previously purchased a color master chair, and we will check your order.

How do you measure the required amount of fabric?

Because not every beach chair, director's chair or stool has the same size upholstery, we have made videos in which we explain what dimensions we need to tailor the upholstery for you. Watch the video instruction to provide the correct dimensions of your director's chair upholstery or your beach chair runner. Our canvas fabrics that we use to make new upholstery are 43 cm wide.

Replace beach chair runner fabric?

Take a look at our beach chair fabrics, email us which fabric you want your runner to be made of, and let us know the number of chairs or stools that need to be covered. Finally, indicate the correct size of your runner or upholstery based on the videos above. Then we will custom make your new runner or director's chair upholstery for you! We will contact you soon to discuss the options and costs. email color master.

beach chair or stool runner custom made

Want to buy a custom-made runner beach chair?

Is your old beach chair frame beyond repair? Then you can buy new wooden beach chairs from us. We have classic wooden beach chairs, but also wooden beach chairs with armrests and a removable footstool. You can also surprise your (grand)child with a children's beach chair. The chairs are comfortable and allow you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A cheerful addition to your outdoor area, by the water, in the garden, balcony or terrace. Easy to store. Adjustable in different positions and lightweight. Made in Europe.