Linnen Katoen mix stof – Wat is dat voor stof?

Linen Cotton blend fabric – What kind of fabric is that?

In addition to our 100% cotton striped woven fabrics, we have expanded our fabric collection in the past year with linen-cotton fabrics . Consisting of a mix of 40% linen and 60% cotton.

Linen cotton blend fabric is an alternative to pure linen. Linen has a high tear resistance and is not elastic. These properties ensure that linen fabric wrinkles quickly. In search of a way to reduce the wrinkling of pure linen, "half linen" was created.

Half linen: Linen Cotton blend fabric

Half linen must consist of at least 40% linen and the remaining 60% cotton. When weaving the fabric, regular rectangular interlacing of two sets of threads is used: vertical threads; the warp threads of cotton and horizontal threads; the weft threads of flax/linen. This creates a high-quality fabric with a beautiful irregular, typical linen flax structure. Sturdy and yet less prone to wrinkles than pure linen. Due to this weaving technique, there is no difference between the front and back of the woven cotton linen fabric, so that the woven half linen fabric can be used on both sides and is therefore equally beautiful.

Our linen cotton mix fabrics are very high quality woven fabrics, have a beautiful structure due to the flax of linen and are ideal for a versatile application due to their composition. And with its 165 cm width, it is ideally suited as table linen, curtain or bed linen.

This substance is also GOTS certified ; made from organically grown cotton/linen and dyed with environmentally friendly pigments.

Linen Cotton mix fabric easy to work with

The fabric is easy to work with, cuts nicely and can be processed on the sewing machine with a needle size of 90.

We do recommend that you take into account a shrinkage of 10% in the length during the first wash, see our washing instructions . So take this into account when choosing the amount of fabric you order. Do you work with larger pieces of fabric? then it is wise to wash the fabric, let it air dry and then smooth it out.

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