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Custom table linen

During festive moments we always pull out the most beautiful tablecloths. But why limit the use of a tablecloth to certain days of the year? Always go for a stylish interior or exterior and put the finishing touches with one of our cheerful, luxurious custom-made tablecloths. You not only provide a nice style accent, but also fulfill an extremely practical function; the protection of your table!

Is your ideal tablecloth size or shape not among our table linen range, but do you completely agree with our fabrics? We are happy to make your ideal custom tablecloth. If you want, we can also make matching or contrasting napkins!

We make our beautiful, luxurious tablecloths custom-made from our large collection of cheerfully striped fabrics. You can use our custom table linen both indoors and outdoors. You can choose from cotton fabric , a cotton-linen mix fabric or cotton that has been treated with a coating , so that your tablecloth is removable. All fabric types give your table protection and a luxurious, beautifully made appearance.

Washable tablecloth; ideal for families

If you have a family with small children, a custom-made tablecloth with coating is a solution! The transparent coating ensures that it becomes a washable tablecloth. Just wipe with a wet cloth and your coated tablecloth will be completely clean again. Convenient and quick, how easy with small children at the table!

How do you determine the right size tablecloth?

On average, the overhang on each side is between 15 and 25 cm. With an overlap of 15 cm, you will need a cloth of 120 x 210 cm for a table top of 90 x 180 cm. We usually work with 15 cm overlap. At 25 cm it may be that your legs touch the overlap and the tablecloth therefore does not hang nicely, rather smoothly.

The same goes for a round tablecloth. Add about 30 cm to the diameter of your table top and you have the right size!

Would you like to order a custom tablecloth?

Be prepared for a beautiful summer and shop for your custom outdoor tablecloth here. Or update your interior with a stylish tablecloth. Email the color master or fill in the contact form below with your choice of fabric and desired dimensions or shape. We will then contact you soon to discuss the options for making your custom tablecloth for you.

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