katoenen stoffen kleurmeester GOTS certificatie

GOTS certification color masters cotton fabrics and products!

We are proud to announce that our fabrics and products are now all woven with GOTS-certified organic cotton yarns. The yarns are also dyed with environmentally friendly pigments.

Our cotton fabrics are made according to centuries-old tradition. This way we can guarantee the high quality of the fabrics and products. The fact that our unique cotton products are now also manufactured in accordance with contemporary standards and values ​​and in harmony with current environmental values ​​makes us happy and proud.

In addition to our FSC or PEFC quality mark for wooden garden furniture, we now also have GOTS certification for our cotton fabrics and products.

Purchasing cotton color master fabrics or products and our wooden garden furniture is therefore a conscious and responsible choice!

What exactly does GOTS stand for?

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is an international quality mark that sets requirements for both the production of the fibers and their further weathering. At least 70 percent (recognizable by the text Made with organic ) or at least 95 percent (recognizable by the text Organic ) of the product must consist of organically produced materials.

What are the requirements of the quality mark?

The requirements for organic natural fiber cultivation are laid down in European rules. No synthetic crop protection products, no genetically modified organisms and no artificial fertilizers are used during cultivation. Cotton, wool, silk, flax and hemp can be grown organically; cotton is most often grown organically. There are no requirements regarding permitting/banning the cultivation of cotton in water-scarce areas, but there must be a water management plan.

GOTS also has environmental requirements for the processing of the fiber into a product, requirements for working conditions and a fair wage in the production phase, not in the agricultural phase. There are also environmental requirements for packaging and supplies.

Compliance with the requirements of the quality mark is independently monitored by an accredited organization.

GOTS certification color master cotton fabrics

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