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Sunbrella fabric or outdoor fabric - What exactly is that?

Sunbrella® fabric is a functional, easy-care outdoor fabric. Specially developed for outdoor use; breathable, water and dirt repellent, UV resistant, moisture resistant. Easy to use for runners, cushions and awnings.

There are many different outdoor fabric suppliers. However, Sunbrella® is a brand of the Dickson® company, which can call itself the global leader in technical textiles. The company has developed from a specialist in sun protection to a specialist in furniture fabrics for indoors and outdoors. Sunbrella fabric provides comfort, resistance and texture.

What makes this Sunbrella fabric so special?

These are the properties of this outdoor fabric. The fabric is easy to maintain, water and dirt repellent, UV and discoloration resistant, breathable and can even be cleaned with bleach! The fabric is also very strong and will last a long time!

Unlike traditional dyeing methods that only color the outside of the fibers of the fabric (and therefore fade quickly), Sunbrella dyes the acrylic fibers, from which the fabric is made, right down to the core with very UV-stable color pigments. This makes the fabrics extremely colourfast and resistant to the effects of sunlight.

After coloring, the fabric is given a coating that protects against dirt and stains.
This makes the Sunbrella fabrics extremely suitable for outdoor applications such as chair runners, decorative cushions, lounge cushions or sun blinds!

The fabric is breathable and allows air to pass through. This creates a comfortable seat cushion or nice airy space under the sun blinds.

Features of Sunbrella fabric:

• fabric of European production
• Strong water and dirt repellent
• colourfast
• Mould-free
• Feels soft
• Very strong
• Luxurious appearance
• Easy to clean with soapy water or bleach!
Machine washable at 30°C
• Does not shrink
• Breathable and air permeable

Sunbrella fabric is a relatively expensive fabric

The fabrics are a woven quality fabric which means that there is no difference in the front and back of the fabric. So these are not printed fabrics. The raw materials with which the fabrics are woven have increased enormously in recent years, causing scarcity and also causing the price of Sunbrella outdoor fabrics to rise. Due to the quality of the fabrics, you will enjoy the fabrics for a long time. Sustainable in use!

Buy Sunbrella fabric online

There are many suppliers of Sunbrella fabrics online. However, you will not easily find the striped Sunbrella fabrics that Kleurmeester offers online. The Kleurmeester fabric collection is characterized by its cheerful stripe patterns and the Sunbrella stripe fabrics are a collaboration with one of the fabric suppliers that Kleurmeester works with and therefore cannot be sold at regular Sunbrella fabric sales points. Although the uni-colored Sunbrella fabrics are not offered on the color master site, they can be purchased in combination with the striped Sunbrella fabrics.

Buy your own Sunbrella fabrics online or have your Sunbrella cushions custom made. We are happy to help you.

Color and stripes in beautiful color combinations in outdoor fabrics. The guarantee for comfort and atmosphere outside!

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