Bouclé stof; textuur en warmte voor je interieur èn exterieur!

Bouclé fabric; texture and warmth for your interior and exterior!

Do you want to give your interior a luxurious look? Then adding bouclé fabric is an excellent choice. But what exactly is bouclé fabric? We have selected it for you and used this beautiful fabric for our luxurious decorative pillow line. 

Bouclé fabric

Bouclé is a fabric known for its characteristic texture and luxurious appearance. The word bouclé comes from French and literally means curled or looped. The characteristic element of bouclé is the special loose way of weaving. This loose weave pattern gives this fabric a loop-like structure, with small loops of yarn protruding from the base fabric. This creates a playful and lively effect, making bouclé a beautiful addition to any interior. Despite the coarse, loose structure, the fabric is soft.

The versatility of bouclé

What makes bouclé so special is its versatility. This fabric comes in different compositions and can be made from different materials, such as wool, cotton, viscose or a mix of fibers. This means there are countless possibilities to use bouclé fabric in different interior styles. Whether you have a modern, Scandinavian, industrial or classic interior, bouclé suits almost any style and adds a touch of texture and luxury to your space.

The benefits of outdoor bouclé fabric

Bouclé not only looks great, but also has practical properties that make it a popular choice. The loop structure of bouclé ensures that the material is durable and wear-resistant. It can withstand daily use and retains its shape and appearance for a long time. Moreover, loosely woven fabric is breathtaking and also very comfortable and soft to sit or lie on. It creates a warm and cozy atmosphere in your interior.

We only use an outdoor bouclé fabric. In contrast to a regular bouclé fabric, this outdoor fabric is, in addition to the above properties, also water and dirt-repellent and resistant to sunlight. For us the reason to use this fabric and combine it with our colorful outdoor fabrics. Our luxurious decorative cushion line offers an exciting mix of colors and textures, is practical to use and so you can create that luxurious, warm feeling in any room, at any time, indoors and outdoors!


Outdoor bouclé fabric is very easy to clean, which makes the fabric extremely suitable for indoor and outdoor use

If a stain appears on the fabric, it is advisable to first dab the stain carefully with warm water. Make sure that you do not make a rubbing movement here, as this is not good for the woven fabric. If this does not work, a gentle stain remover can be used. And of course the fabric can also be washed at 30 degrees.

Versatile decorative cushions with bouclé fabric

Do you want to quickly give a luxurious, warm and cozy atmosphere to a room? Dare to play with bouclé fabric in your interior or exterior and discover how this beautiful fabric creates a timeless and elegant atmosphere. Kleurmeester offers an extensive collection of luxurious decorative cushions with bouclé fabric to take your interior to a higher level. View the luxurious decorative cushion collection and mix textures, sizes and fabrics to your heart's content.

luxury decorative cushion boucle fabric - color master

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