Maintenance tips for wooden furniture

The untreated, sanded solid beech wood furniture will age naturally due to weather influences. The best way to extend the life of wooden garden furniture is to clean it regularly, not leave it outside unprotected more than necessary and to treat it regularly with special outdoor stain that is UV-resistant and can withstand the influence of the weather. Consult a specialist for the right advice.

Clean with a mild soap solution and dry with a clean, dry cloth. To prevent the surface from drying out and cracking and moisture from penetrating the wood, we recommend re-treating the furniture regularly with stain, for example 1-2 times a year. Store preferably in a cool, dry place indoors. Otherwise cover with a waterproof cover. Make sure the air can circulate to prevent condensation. After a shower, dry the water from flat areas.

The cotton canvas fabric is made of natural fibers that discolour under prolonged exposure to sunlight. We therefore recommend storing the product indoors when not in use.

Wash the acrylic fabric and cotton fabric at 30 degrees, with a little washing powder. Centrifuge on low setting. Remove the fabric/product from the washing machine as soon as possible after the program has ended. Allow to air dry, do not tumble dry, then iron.