Pasen de gelegenheid om mooi tafellinnen te gebruiken

Easter is the opportunity to use beautiful table linen

If there is one thing the past year has taught us, it is the realization of how valuable beautiful moments together are. And whether you sit at the Easter table with the entire family or in a limited circle, it will all be a bit more festive than the average Sunday or Monday. This blog is for you to turn your table into a successful Easter table.

Easter time at the table

Easter is the festival we like to celebrate with family and friends. Preferably with a big lunch, brunch or a nice dinner. A beautifully decorated Easter table should certainly not be missing! When Easter arrives, spring begins and it is therefore time for light colors that immediately give you a spring feeling. Start with the tablecloth as a base. Whether the table is inside or outside, our tablecloths provide a lot of atmosphere. Not only are the colors beautiful and fresh, the fabric is also nice and sturdy and can be coated if desired. So that the stains can be removed quickly and you can easily wipe down the table. Ideal and stylish, not only during Easter!

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At Easter we choose our yellow and white striped tablecloth Yvonne , but it is just as attractive to choose a tablecloth with stripes in several cheerful colors; Pondichery , Salvador or Marquises or a tablecloth in beautiful pastel colors Pompadour.

Choose beautiful tableware in light colors. Don't think too practically about washing the dishes afterwards, but use those beautiful porcelain containers for all the dishes and side dishes. Light some candles for some extra festive light. Polish and use the wine glasses. A wine glass also looks very chic with a nice juice in the morning. Because those shiny glasses give a festive feeling. Place a nice Easter napkin on the plates. Think of cheerful napkins with fresh spring colors or a print with a colorful Easter egg. And if you really want to go all out, add some Easter decorations. Or let the children make something for the table with you or someone dear to you who cannot be physically present.

Whether it is that delicious boiled egg, those tasty sandwiches and fresh orange juice during Easter breakfast or lunch/brunch or the lamb, ham, asparagus, with egg or salmon during dinner, all extra tasty and festive with a beautifully decorated Easter table.

This way you are ready to receive your family and enjoy a cheerful scene. Let everyone come online or offline, happy Easter!

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