kleurrijke tassen: Wat zit er in die tas van jou?

colorful bags: What's in that bag of yours?

colorful bags: What's in that bag of yours?

The women's bag has always been a mystery to men. What do they carry with them every day? So if you (as a woman) purchase such a beautiful Color Master bag, what do you put in it? We did a small sample and asked 25 women what they hide in their bag. These are the results.

Top 3

All women interviewed had a wallet and a set of keys with them. A man wouldn't be surprised by that. 92% of women also had their phone in their bag and 72% of bag owners had 1 to 6 pens with them. Not a strange top 3, right?

As long as your hair's nice

And then the real woman emerges. 70% of what is in her bag consists of cosmetic items and care products. Half of women always have lip balm, deodorant and tampons or sanitary towels in their bag. A quarter of women do not leave the house without cream, hair clips, lipstick, a mirror and a bottle of perfume. The bags also contain toiletry bags, make-up, brushes, nail files and hairspray.

The bag pharmacy

Women prepare well for unpleasant situations. Half of women always carry paracetamol or other painkillers with them. A third of women can dry their noses and tears in snotty conditions. They have tissues and wet wipes in their bag. Women also carry plasters, cotton swabs, toothpicks, medicines or bottles of disinfectant.

Food and drink

Stink from the mouth? Half of the women don't do that. They have chewing gum or peppermint in their bag. This may also be because a third of women take cigarettes with them. 40% of women also add a bottle of water to their daily travel needs. Only 12% of women take crackers, sweets, sugar cubes or fruit with them.

canvas strandstas kleurmeester

Could just come in handy

40% of women always take their diary and their passport, ID or driver's license with them. A third of the ladies also put car papers, sunglasses, extra bags, a phone charger and/or extra clothes in their bag. And then there are a few women who bring iPads, glasses cloths, cameras, umbrellas, USB sticks and music earphones. You never know when all that will come in handy. Other knickknacks Almost every bag contains old receipts, shopping lists and other small pieces of paper. A fifth of women also always take their random reader (for internet banking), a book and extra earrings with them. Notable objects included pebbles, pegs, tea bags, a flashlight and a piece of laminate.

Colorful bags from Kleurmeester

So it all fits in such a spacious Kleurmeester bag. Very handy and beautiful too. Available in all colors of the rainbow. Are you going crazy with all that junk in your bag and could you use some order? We also sell nice toiletry bags in which you can store all your make-up items. Or where you store all your important items, so you never have to search again. That's handy too. View our colorful bags in the webshop.
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