Kleurmeester maakt van jouw tafel een feest!

Kleurmeester turns your table into a party!

Color in dark times

The dark, cold winter months are here again. Fortunately, the fun holidays and cozy indoor get-togethers with friends and family are also coming one step closer. Even though it may be in a smaller setting than you would like these days, a delicious dinner cannot be missed during this special period. And what could be more fun than dining at a table that is beautifully decorated with a beautiful tablecloth, a colorful table runner or nice placemats with matching napkins ? Would you like to make your festive table just that little bit more cheerful? Then there is the table linen collection from Kleurmeester.nl for you, this year even with two fabrics in traditional Christmas red, but you can also contact us for a colorful festive table.

What is the offer?

Do you want to brighten up your interior, but you don't know how? New table linen gives you a new look in your home quickly and without much effort! However, do you not find anything that meets your requirements in a standard store? Then be sure to take a look at our site Kleurmeester.nl to discover the entire range of Kleurmeester.nl. In the shop you will find colorful, striped tablecloths and placemats as well as beautiful table runners and napkins. You can then choose which color you like best or which pattern best suits your interior. Ideal for anyone who wants to decorate their festive table even more festively or wants to make that one dinner just that little bit more special.

Coated table linen? What is that?

You can order the striped tablecloths sold in the shop with or without coating. This coating is a plastic layer that is applied several times to one side of the table linen. Thanks to this treatment, the luxurious look of your tablecloth is retained, but it makes maintenance a lot easier. You can quickly and easily wipe your tablecloth clean with a sponge or wet cloth, but you can also wash, iron and air dry without any problem. Another plus of table linen with a coating is that it is also very suitable for outdoor use. Your tablecloth is then protected against wind and weather and dirt no longer has to be a problem when you eat outside on a beautiful summer evening. This way you can enjoy it not only now during these winter months, but later also when it is summer.

Even more pluses!

The table linen collection without coating is also easy to wash and of excellent quality. In addition, the fabrics for all table linen available in the shop (both with and without coating) are not printed, but woven and made from organically grown cotton and dyed with environmentally friendly pigments.

Do all these things make you excited, but are you afraid that you won't find table linen with the right dimensions for your table? No worries! There is always the option to have your favorite table linen custom-made delivered to your home. Please contact us to discuss your wish.

Christmas table runner Kleurmeester.nl

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