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color in the house

colors in the house

Where the clock ticks at home, it doesn't tick anywhere. That is not an unknown proverb. At home you can be yourself, relax on the couch, take a nap in the garden or do crafts in the shed. Everyone has their favorite spot in the house. A place where you are one with yourself and where you can work without any worries. Or where you don't have to do anything at all. Kleurmeester can contribute to this. With Kleurmeester fabrics and products you can make five favorite places even more fun.

1. The living room

The place where you gather with your family and where you receive visitors. The central place of the house, where you end up again and again. With Kleurmeester curtains , cushions or table runners you can add color to the living room. Light a few candles in the evening and the picture is perfect.

2. The bedroom

The bedroom is man's most intimate location. Every night, you surrender to the bed, which looks oh so inviting every time. Sleeping is important, you recharge your battery. It's really nice if the curtains (of course also from Kleurmeester) are well lined. Then it stays dark for a nice long time. Then choose a color that radiates tranquility and you will sleep like a baby. Or give your bedroom an injection of color with some decorative cushions. Please process this.

3. The garden

Who doesn't enjoy the garden? Especially when there is a festive outdoor table with glasses of lemonade and a bowl of fruit from the garden. A tablecloth from Kleurmeester makes it even more cozy. In addition, the tablecloths have an extra coating, so that water and dirt do not pose a threat. The beach chairs from Kleurmeester are also ideal for the garden. They are cheerful and comfortable. So you can enjoy your garden until the late hours. Would you like to add custom garden cushions or not?

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4. The nursery

Who doesn't remember their childhood room? Those who were lucky had parents who had thought it through. Cheerful colours, nice patterns and, above all, plenty of space to play. A safe environment in which every child is happy to retreat. With the fabrics and accessories from Kleurmeester it is easy to transform a boring room into a friendly place.

5. The kitchen

Those who enjoy cooking may see the kitchen as their favorite place in the house. Enjoy messing around with pots and pans, vegetables, fruit, meat and so on. Make it a little nicer with a cheerful apron from Kleurmeesterstof. Hang up our nice coat rack for the soup spoons and place a table runner over the dining table. Using a placemat , table runners have already been discussed above.

Color master gives color in and to the house. Colors can make things a little more cozy or a little more cheerful. So that you feel even more comfortable at home. Does that seem like something to you? Take a look around our webshop.

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