Houten Strandstoelen: Een tijdloze klassieker voor kleurrijk zomergenot!

Wooden Beach Chairs: A timeless classic for colorful summer enjoyment!

In this blog we would like to take you to the coastline and introduce you to a timeless summer classic: the wooden beach chair. With its simple beauty, durability and natural appearance, the wooden beach chair offers not only comfort, but also countless possibilities to add color and style to your beach experience. Let's explore the beauty and versatility of this iconic beach accessory.

Lively appearance of a wooden beach chair

One of the biggest advantages of wooden beach chairs is the vibrancy of the wooden frame that offers a unique color and texture. The light and natural character of beech wood lays the foundation for adding colorful upholstery to your beach chair. Our wooden beach chair frames are made in Europe from wood with the FSC quality mark. Natural and sustainable.

Cheerful fabric runners

Using upholstery runners, you can easily add a touch of color and personality to your natural wooden beach chair frame. Consider using fresh and vibrant fabric runners with plain colors or summer stripes in colorful motifs. This fabric cover can not only provide extra comfort, but can also be a striking element that really makes your beach chair stand out on the beach.

Creative painting techniques

If you are looking for a unique and custom wooden beach chair, consider painting techniques. You can experiment with colors such as pastel shades, bold contrasts or even an ombre effect. By painting the wooden chair in your favorite color palette, you can create a personal and playful look that completely suits your style.


In addition to playing with color on the chair itself, you can also think of colorful accessories to add to your wooden beach chair. For example, a colorful pillow for extra comfort and style. Or add a folding stool to rest your feet on or to serve as a table. Don't forget that the environment itself can be a source of color - choose a beach chair that contrasts beautifully with the sand and sea to make a real visual statement.


With its timeless charm and endless possibilities to add color, the wooden beach chair is a perfect choice for beach lovers who love a personal and stylish touch. Whether you choose a plain fabric runner or a more daring color runner, customizing your beach chair is part of the summer creative experience. So get started, unleash your creativity and enjoy your colorful wooden beach chair during your next sunny seaside adventure!

We hope this blog has inspired you to discover the beauty and versatility of wooden beach chairs. At colormaster we are always enthusiastic about adding color and creativity to everyday life. Don't forget to check out our other blogs and visit the webshop for more inspiration and tips on color use and design.

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