Een cadeaubon van kleurmeester; Handig om te geven en leuk om te krijgen!

A gift voucher from the color master; Handy to give and fun to receive!

Christmas is coming again. Are you visiting and would you like to bring something different for the hostess or host? Or do you need an original gift under the tree? We have the solution for you; You give a gift voucher from Especially useful now that your time for shopping is limited by the short opening hours due to the corona measures. You can simply shop it online with us. You email us the amount you want to give as a gift and we will pack the gift voucher for you. Do you immediately have a beautifully wrapped Christmas present? And would you like a personal message? Please pass that on as well.

Now we have convinced you that a gift voucher from Kleurmeester is useful for you to give, but what is it like to receive the gift voucher? Below are 5 reasons why a gift voucher from Kleurmeester is nice to receive.

1. Because it improves the interior or exterior

Everyone can get away with a gift voucher from Kleurmeester. You can transform the house or garden into a cheerful atmosphere in no time. You can use beautiful table linen or provide one of the rooms with colorful new decorative cushions. Or choose colorful outdoor cushions for the balcony or in the garden. So you give the gift of a cheerful atmosphere in your home or garden.

2. Because everyone likes to sit comfortably

In the garden, on the balcony or on the beach. These are typical of those places where you want to be able to sit and relax. In the sun, with a book, cat on your lap and with your sunglasses on. Enjoy. This is possible with the colorful director's chairs or even with a table as a bistro set . But of course also with those brightly colored beach chairs from Kleurmeester. They are available for both adults and children.

3. Because babies become children

The birthday boy's son still sleeps in a baby blue bedroom. Clouds on the wallpaper, clowns on the cupboard. He feels too old, because he is already ten years old! It is high time that the baby room is transformed into a children's room. A gift voucher from Kleurmeester will also come in handy. Curtains or cheerful decorative cushions , everything to create a nice children's room.

4. Because they are jealous of your bag

You have had such a color master beach bag for a while now and you constantly receive compliments. He has those cheerful colors. Isn't it nice that someone with a gift voucher can choose such a unique canvas bag for themselves?

5. Because all creative people know how to use Kleurmeester fabrics

The entire fabric range , from which we make our own products, is also for sale. The fabrics can be purchased from one meter per decimeter. For example, Handy Harrie or Busy Jetje can make something from one of our fabrics. Our Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram pages already have many great ideas, from hammock to kitchen apron and from lampshade to bicycle lock protector.

That's why you give a Kleurmeester gift voucher!

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