Tafeldekken kerst editie

Table setting Christmas edition

Setting the table during Christmas

Christmas is coming and that of course means fun. Fun with friends or family, in smaller numbers than in other years, but still. The cozy atmosphere of Christmas lights, Christmas decorations and of course Christmas music should not be missed. In addition, Christmas is the perfect time for extensive dining and dining. And then it is nice to spend some extra time on the atmosphere of the dining table and create a true Christmas table. It is the central place for gathering, great conversations and good food. In this blog everything about the table setting Christmas edition!

Stick to one theme or color

Think in advance what theme or color you want to give this Christmas, and stick to this theme. A Christmas table is often very full of food, drinks, crockery and glasses. When you implement unity in the decoration, this creates peace. Choose a color palette that goes well with your tableware. This no longer has to be Christmas red or green, so have fun and be creative.

Impress with a beautiful tablecloth or table runner

Provided you have a beautiful, undamaged hardwood table top, it is often nicer to cover your table top with table linen. Do you want something a little different than a tablecloth? A cotton table runner can give a very chic look. Do you have tableware in one color? Then choose a colored runner, this immediately makes the setting very festive. Place it widthwise or lengthwise, it's your (Christmas) party. Make sure that the tablecloth or table runner has the same amount of overhang on both sides. You can use table clamps, or even a piece of double-sided tape, to attach the cloth or runner to the table so that it does not slide. If you choose a tablecloth or runner, only finish it with napkins. Otherwise your table will quickly become too busy and this will quickly give a busy, crowded and disorganized effect. Especially when you add other Christmas decorations to the table.

Fast and convenient: fabric placemats

Because we are celebrating Christmas with a smaller group of people this year, you can easily and quickly create a beautiful, atmospheric table by placing placemats. A placemat adds atmosphere to your Christmas table and ensures that no unnecessary stains appear on the table, although you cannot always prevent this. Fortunately, the cotton placemats can from Kleurmeester simply go into the washing machine.

Not entirely unimportant: the crockery

After the first steps have been taken at the table, it is time to think about the tableware. A bottom plate is in principle unnecessary, but it does look very chic. Do you want to impress your family and friends? Arrange the dishes according to etiquette. Forks on the left hand, knives and spoon on the right. Dessert spoons or forks should be at the head of the plate. You also work your cutlery from the outside in during the meal. Although a lot of cutlery looks chic, only put down cutlery that actually needs to be used during your Christmas celebrations. Are you going to enjoy a gourmet meal? Then you don't have to put out cutlery for 3 courses, this will only cause confusion among your guests. Also take this opportunity to dust off your most beautiful crockery and put it to use, after all, Christmas only comes once a year.

The icing on the cake: decoration!

Now that you have the base in place, it's time for decoration! A beautiful Christmas piece in the middle of the table is always good. Do you want to keep the table quiet? Then provide continuous Christmas decorations that run in a straight line across the center of the table, for example some Christmas greenery. But tea lights or dinner candles are also real atmosphere makers at the table.

Are you still looking for a beautiful tablecloth or table runner to make the holidays extra special? At Kleurmeester you will find an extensive range of table linen; tablecloths, runners and placemats. Made of cotton or cotton with a coating, so that the tablecloth becomes removable, isn't that handy? If you prefer a different size than what is available in our table linen range, we can also make custom runners and tablecloths .

And if you are handy, you can of course also purchase the cotton fabric or fabric with a coating from us and make beautiful table linen yourself.

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