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Cushions for garden chairs

Anyone who has a garden knows all too well how much freedom it can provide. Although there are plenty of people who let their domain become wild. Ivy over the tiles, nettles as tall as sunflowers, renovation rubbish on the garden path. Others make it a paradise. A second living room, a place to completely relax. To drink wine together or ice tea with lemon. One thing is certain, with the garden and beach chairs from Kleurmeester you will brighten up your garden. And if it was already cheerful, it all just looks a little more festive.

Wild garden

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes. There is the wild garden. With tall growing shrubs and a colorful mix of wild flowers. Climbing plants with small buds grow over the stone towers. A paradise for birds that can hide anywhere.

Stone garden

Some people don't like all that greenery. They pull out the grass, level it and provide the ground with a thick layer of tiles. Like this! Easy to maintain and the garden furniture is always straight. A flower pot here and there decorates everything.

Neat garden

If you have time to spare, mow the grass every other day. The bushes are neatly trimmed and the flowers are carefully pampered. Weeds don't get a chance and the lawn looks like a fresh, velvet blanket. In autumn, this gardener knows how to catch every falling leaf. The garden is and remains a neat piece of land.


There are also people who do not care much about a beautiful garden, they mainly want a handy garden. After the Ice Saints, they plant as many seeds as possible to literally reap the benefits later. Tubers, cabbages, fruit and vegetables. A garden to eat from and to lovingly maintain.

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And some of us have to make do with a balcony, but that doesn't have to be a punishment at all. Balconies also function as an extra living room. Plants on the railing, pull down the awning and enjoy.

Colorful cushions for garden chairs

Whether you have a wild garden, a raked garden, a stone garden, a vegetable garden or a balcony, the garden furniture and cushions from Kleurmeester always brighten things up. The chairs and lounge sofa are not only comfortable, the cheerful fabrics contrast beautifully with the green or gray surroundings of your garden or balcony. The collection of outdoor cushions from Kleurmeester act as real atmosphere creators. Choose striped fabrics or deep uni colors. For on your lounge sofa or the seat under the gazebo. Curious? Take a look around our webshop.

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