Eenvoudig opzetten van een strandstoel: hoe doe je dat?

Easy to set up a beach chair: how do you do that?

Easy to set up a beach chair: how do you do that?

Are you looking for comfortable sun loungers for your balcony, in your garden or on the beach? Would you like to tailor the design of the upholstery to your current taste? Do you want removable upholstery that can be washed and not have to fumble around setting up a beach chair? Read more about the ease of use and the seating and lying comfort of the chairs here.

Interchangeable and washable runners

Would you like to change color and print every now and then? Don't make it difficult for yourself and choose this lounger with a beech wood frame.

The wooden frame functions as a base piece and, depending on your style and preference, gets a completely different look by simply changing the runner. For example, you can opt for brightly colored stripes one week and a more sedate design the following week. View the range of striped runners in the online store on the site.

The runners are made of canvas cotton or outdoor acrylic fabric and are not only pleasantly interchangeable but can also be easily washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. The removable covering can then be conveniently attached to the beech wood frame again via a slot.

How do you easily set up a beach chair?

Perhaps you have previous, and possibly somewhat negative, experiences with setting up a folding and unfolding chair? After all, not all loungers are equally easy to use. Setting up this chair, on the other hand, is very easy, as can be seen in this video.

How do you proceed without getting your fingers stuck? If you perform the following three actions in the correct order, a child can do laundry and your fingers will remain unharmed.

  1. Turn the side with the wooden slats towards you.
  2. Pull the part with the plastic hooks towards the ground.
  3. Pull out the short part and secure it securely on a plastic hook

Easy to transport

The chairs can be folded and unfolded flexibly and can be easily transported from your backyard or balcony to the Scheveningen beach and back.

Sitting and lying comfort in your spare time

The seating and lying comfort is reflected in this short video.

Also take a look at the striped runners! Four different positions (from comfortable sitting on the one hand to relaxed lying on the other) give you the opportunity to optimally enjoy and completely relax.

Whether you decide to get some sun, finish your book or close your tired eyes for a nice afternoon nap, setting up a beach chair from guarantees a relaxing leisure time.

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