Washing advice

100% Cotton

The first time you wash your 100% cotton products should be with a cold wool program without washing detergent. Follow this wash with a regular program at 30°c using a small amount of gentle washing detergent. Spin on a slow setting and remove the fabric from the machine as soon as the cycle ends. Drip dry – do not tumble dry. Iron using the cotton setting. During the first wash, the fabric may shrink by an average 10% length and 4% width. Subsequent washing can be done at 60°c.

We recommend you use a professional dry cleaning service for curtains.

Beach chair canvas

This cotton fabric is made from natural fibers that will fade with long exposure to sunlight. We recommend that these are stored indoors when not in use.

Maintenance of this fabric is the same as cotton.

Coated fabric

Our coated fabric is specially treated with multiple layers of acrylic making the fabric resistant to flecks and stains. Use with the coated side facing up. After each use, the coated side should be wiped using a damp sponge and a mild soap if needed. This fabric can be washed at 30°c without using a fabric softener. Spin at a slow speed and drip dry, do not use a tumble dryer. Iron the untreated side of the fabric (the matt side) using the cotton setting. Do not wash the fabric more than twice per year to avoid damage to the acrylic coating.

Outdoor fabric

Our specially designed outdoor acrylic fabric is UV light resistant, colourfast, shrink resistant, wrinkle resistant, water resistant and has a special stain resistant finish. Simply brush off stains with a soft brush, water and a mild soap if necessary. This fabric can be washed at 30°c. Drip dry, do not tumble dry. After washing, iron without steam in order to reactive the finish. Do not dry clean.

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