set your table with our beautiful coloured fabric for the ultimate dinner party.

You can create the perfect look and feel with our premium cotton tablecloths.

For extra practicality, go for one of our coated tablecloths - perfect when your dinner guests are kids!

Just wipe it of after diner and your table is set for the next occasion. Easy does it!


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Goated tablecloth

The cotton tablecloths are slightly cheaper and you can easily wash them several times. But most of us do not want to wash the tablecloth after every dinner if there are stains on it. That is why we also offer tablecloths with a coating. The advantage of a coated tablecloth is that it is water and stain resistent and food and drink residues do not immediately soak in the fabric as with ordinary fabrics. The coated tablecloths are treated with multiple layers of acrylic. We recommend cleaning with a damp cloth after every time the tablecloth is used. This way you can enjoy your tablecloth for a long period.

Tablecloth with and without coating can be washed

Both the regular fabric tablecloths and the coated versiont can be machine washed, though we recommend not to wash them too often. If you wash the tablecloths, we recommand to do it at 30 degrees and without fabric softener. Fabric softener smells delicious, but is not good for the preservation of the colors in the fabrics.

A different size of dining table? A custom made tablecloth is no problem!

Each dining table is different, not only the shape varies but also the length and width. Many households have an elongated, rectangular table both inside and outside. Nowadays, more and more dining tables and outdoor tables are custom made. With a custom table cloth from kleurmeester you will never have to worry about having to fold the tablecloth again or that the sheet will not fall nicely over the edges of the table. At Kleurmeester you can choose a fabric from our colourful fabric range and indicate which dimensions your table has. Together we will discusse how far the sheet can hang over the edge of the table and whether you want an ordinary fabric tablecloth or one with a coating.

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