table linen

we like to think of table linen as clothing for furniture! You can dress your table up just how you like it.

We have tablecloths, place mats, napkins and table runners in a gorgeous range of colours and stripes.

with our table linen you can dress your dining room up or down for any occasion!

table linen

Do you already have a nice table, and do not want to cover it completely then you can dress it up with one of our runners or placemats.

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Table linen voor outside

At kleurmeester you can choose from two types of table linen, namely that of ordinary cotton fabric and coated table linen. The advantage of coated table linen is that it is water and stain resistent and therefore more suitable for outdoor use (but can also be very easy for indoors). Of course, untreated fabrics can also be table linen, but the advantage of the coated version is that it does not matter if it gets a little damp during the morning draft of a summer day. Besides during summer evenings with a BBQ diner, you can simply clean it with a wet cloth and your table is set for the next day.

Whether you choose a cotton tablecloth or a coated version, we advise you not to leave it outside for a whole summer. You want to enjoy your tablecloth or carpet for as long as possible and the outside influences can limit the lifetime.

Regardless of the type of table linen you choose, all our products can be washed in the washing machine. We recommend to follow our washing instructions for this, in order to keep the best colors and quality.

Table linen made to measure for indoor and outdoor

Every table and taste is different. That is why it is also possible to order your made to measure table linen at kleurmeester. This is possible with all our products, napkins, placemats, table runners and tablecloths. There are many standard sizes of tables, but nowadays we make a lot of furniture from scaffolding wood for example. Then it can be difficult to find a well-fitting tablecloth or runner. You can choose from all our fabrics and together we will determine the size which is best for your table.

If you are curious about our collection, please have a look below. If you see a nice fabric that has been used with the napkins, then on request we can make almost any  another product of the same fabric. Enjoy the attractive summer colors of Kleurmeester forma beautifully decorated table.

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