Nothing is better than some extra warmth, cosiness and softness in your interior during the cold winter months.

With a large pile of cushions of the most beautiful materials you give your couch, bed or chair a soft upgrade in one go.

The only real must-haves for the winter months can be found in our selection of decorative cushions.

Nice and colorful, ton-sur-ton colored or in multi stripe. A pouf or rectangular or square cushion. Go for different types of cushions for a playful effect!


Do you want to decorate your conservatory or garden in addition to your interior? Take a look at our outdoor cushions or custom cushions.

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Fancy a new interior? Cushions for decoration are one of the most versatile home accessories. Despite their relatively small size and weight, decorative cushions have the power to completely change the atmosphere in a room. Moreover, pillows are a fast and affordable way to upgrade your interior. Many times easier and faster than painting the wall or new wallpaper right?

We have a large assortment of cushions that you can combine in your style. Cheer up your interior or exterior with your own unique combination of colors, stripes and shapes. Choose cushion made from one fabric - or combine fabrics for a playful effect - and replace your old cushions. Before you know it your interior will look refreshing again!

Each cushion cover has an invisible zipper. So you can easily pick up the cover.

All cushion covers can be machine washed so that they always look beautiful. We advise you to follow our washing instructions. Fresh and clean you can easily put the covers on again.

We supply our cushions including qualitative inner cushions. For us, a cushion is not complete without a good interior. We use an inner cushion consisting of 100% duck feathers for our decorative cushions. This cushion provides optimal support to your body and gives the throw pillow a nicely filled and luxurious look.

Our outdoor cushions have an inner cushion made of polyester which is resistant to the weather outside.

Our poufs and customized mattress cushions are filled with a high quality foam rubber. That is firm and comfortable and does not collapse.



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