outdoor fabric

Colours and stripes in gorgeous combinations - our stunning outdoor fabric collection guarantees a bright sunny garden!

Our outdoor fabric is also extremely practical. It is made from acrylic, so is colour fast, fleck reistant and water resistant - meaning the hot summer sun or those pesky summer showers are no match for it! On top of all that, it is also wrinkle resistant and easy to wash - pretty cool right?

Our outdoor fabrics are available from 43 cm wide for amongst others deck chairs, directors chairs and stools.

outdoor fabric

Besides we offer fabrics from 140 cm and even 175 cm wide. Perfect for making big lounge cushions for instance.

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We carefully selected our outdoor fabric collection for quality, colours and diversity. The outdoor fabrics are resistant to long-term exposure to sunlight, wind, rain and humidity. And are chlorine and seawater resistant. The fabrics are treated against fungus stains. And have a stain resistance, so the fabric does not absorb dirt and stains. This ensures that the fabric remains clean and fresh.

Outdoor fabrics easy to maintain

Most stains can easily be removed with a soft brush, water and a mild soap for maintenance. Wash at 30 degrees, let it air dry, not in the tumble dryer. Ironing can, if desired, be without steam. Do not chemically clean.

Our outdoor canvas and striped outdoor fabrics are woven with a plain weave like our cotton fabrics. This makes the fabric on both sides the same and the front or back of the fabric is equally beautiful! The fabric is also extra strong because the threads are woven closer together.

outdoor canvas

In addition to our cotton canvas fabric, we also offer an outdoor canvas of 100% acrylic. This outdoor canvas has a weight of 320 g / m2 and 43 cm wide. Because the fabric is the same on both sides due to the special weaving technique, the back of your sun chair, beach chair, steering chair or stool, or hwatever you use the fabric for, is just as beautiful as the front!

Striped outdoor fabric

Our striped outdoor fabric is 175 cm wide, weighs 320 g / m2. Because the fabric is extra wide, it is very suitable for making garden cushions, sofa cushions, shade sails or parasols. Exposing it to the sun, at sea or under the snow, with this outdoor fabric it is all possible.

Double woven outdoor fabric

This outdoor fabric is double-woven with two colors, making it strong enough to be suitable for chairs. This material can also be used on two sides. The colour dominance differs on both sides. Therfore nice to use the different sides of the fabric and to create a playful effect.

The double-woven outdoor fabrics have an average weight of 290 g / m2 and are 140 cm wide.

Uni coloured outdoor fabric

For the slightly less pronounced taste we also offer uni coloured outdoor fabrics. These fabrics combine nicely with our stripe fabrics and patterns, but also give a nice result on there own. The uni coloured outdoor fabrics have a weight of 238 g / m2 and are 150 cm wide.

For applications with a seat load we recommend to take the special outdoor canvas or double-woven outdoor fabric.

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