deckchair canvas

Give your beach chair, directors chairs or stools a fresh new look this summer with our bright striped fabric!

The width is 43cm wide, making the perfect size for this furniture. You only need to work the ends, the edges are already done!

This versatile fabric is also great for bags or place mats.

deckchair canvas

We can't wait to see what you create!

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Canvas fabric is also known as beach chair fabric. And since we have a large and varied range of deck chairs, we also have a very large collection of canvas fabric. Our beach chairs, directors' chairs, stools, beach bags, toilet bags and poufs are made with the canvas fabric. This versitile fabric can be used for many more things. You can therfore order the canvas fabric per meter from us and get started! All our canvas fabrics are on roll and the length you can decide for yourself. We have already finished the sides neatly, so that’s one thing you do not have to do anymore.

What can you do with our canvas fabric?

The canvas fabric can be used for placemats or table runners, bags and everything else that you like our fabric for. You can of course also use it to redo your runners in your outdoor chairs. The cheerful colors of canvas give your outdoor a real summery look. Have you ever ordered a beach chair or director's chair with us before and you want a new design for your runner, then of course that is possible too. You just have to indicate which type of chair you have and we know which dimensions your runner needs to be. The canvas fabric is sent to you and if you wish, we will can also fix it for you with hems at the top and bottom suitable for the slats to keep the runner in place in the chair frame. As soon as you receive your new runner at home, it will be easy to put in the frame and you are ready to enjoy the sun within two minutes.

What types of beach chair fabric do exist?

As indicated, our beach chair is fabric is amde of canvas. This is made of extra thick cotton and has a large bearing capacity. The fabric has also been treated so that the fabric is water-repellent. In addition, we have in our range of beach chair fabrics, outdoor fabric suitable to make the runners for your chairs. The cotton variant is the most advantageous. The outdoor beach chair fabric is slightly more expensive and made of acrylic, which keeps the fabric in pexcellent condition extra long. The sun has the characteristic that it will fade coloured cotton fabrics, but with this outdoor fabric that does not happen. This fabric is also weather-resistant and therefore very suitable for long-term outdoor use.

All our canvas can be washed, but read the instructions for this. Every substance is different, has different characteristics and therefore different washing instructions. Please check our washing instructions.

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