cotton fabric

Give your interior a colour boost with our stunning range of striped cotton!

Only the best quality cotton has been selected, carefully dyed, and woven to ensure a durable and premium quality end result.

The fabric is extra wide, 165cm, 180cm or 185cm, asides from our beach chair canvas which is 43cm wide - the perfect size for beach chairs and directors chairs.

cotton fabric

specially woven cotton

All our cotton fabrics are woven using a plain weave - this means the fabric is the same on both sides, with no visible differences between the front - or back of the fabric. Both sides are equally beautiful!

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From cotton fiber to durable cotton fabric

When creating our 100% cotton fabrics, we use only the softest fibers of the cotton plant. The best quality cotton balls are selected to create a cotton thread, and only the very best cotton threads are used. The plain white threads begin their journey by being coloured in special dye baths. Each colour is unique and has been specifically designed for the fabric. Once the cotton threads have taken on their stunning new hue, they are machine woven using a plain weave technique. This involves the regular interlacing of two sets of threads: vertical threads (warp thread) and horizontal threads (weft thread). This technique ensures that there is no difference between the front and back of the fabric, making both sides equally beautiful and useable. By using this intensive process, we can guarantee a top quality, robust and durable cotton fabric.

Cotton canvas fabric

Our 100% cotton canvas stof weighs 350 g/m2, is water resistant and is 43 cm wide. This canvas - or beach chair fabric, is woven using a plain weave technique, just as our regular cotton fabric. The canvas is very strong, and has a water resistant finish making it extremely versatile. Not only is it great for seating solutions, such as beach chairs, director chairs and stools, but it is also perfect for bags and place mats.

We recommend you read the was- en onderhoudstips thoroughly before using the fabric. Please note that during the first wash there may be up to 10% shrinkage. This should also be taken into account when placing your order. We advise ordering 110% of the required quantity to avoid having too little.

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