coated fabric

Our gorgeous wipe clean coated cotton fabric has gone through a special treatment process.

Thanks to 3 layers of acrylic, the fabric is water resistant and fleck resistant!

The perfect way to inject a shot of practical luxury into your table setting

coated fabric

Our coated fabric is available in 2 widths; 160 cm of 180 cm.
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Coated fabrics

Our range of coated fabrics is a selection of our cotton fabrics to which we have added a coating on one side. Our cotton fabrics are woven as flat weave. Making the fabric and therefore the pattern on both sides equal. As a result, there is no difference between a front or back of the fabric. The coated fabrics have a waterproof coating on one side. This coating consists of 3 layers of transparent acrylic. This makes the fabric water-repellent and shrink-free. Ideal for table linen. There is a clear difference with plastic tablecloths. Only one side of the fabric has been processed. As a result, the coated fabric retains its 'fabric' look and feel and luxurious appearance.

Coated fabrics very user-friendly

Use the fabric with the coating facing up. Remove any stains on the coated fabric side with sponge and water after each use with mild soap and rub dry with a cloth. The fabric can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees without fabric softener. Centrifuge at low speed.

Allow the fabric to air dry, not in the tumble dryer. Iron on the untreated fabric (not shiny) silk on cotton stand. Wash up to 2 times a year because the coating is low on frequent washing.

What is the difference between coated fabric and outdoor fabrics?

These two fabrics have one thing in common, namely the acrylic component. The coated fabric that we use for coated table linen is a cotton fabric that is treated with acrylic on one side. So that it gets a water and stain-repellent effect. An outdoor fabric is made of acrylic fibres. This means that it retains its colour when it gets a lot of sunlight and there is no 'weather' in the fabric. This fabric is also stain-resistant and moisture-repellent. Ideal for outside.

If you want to make cushions for your lounge set, then you can best choose a real outdoor fabric. Using coated cotton for cushions to sit on, is not pleasant because of the plastic feel non-breathability when getting warm!

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