Give your home a fresh new look - inside and out with new fabric; curtains, (lounge) cushions or table linen.

Choose from colourful striped cotton, or acrylic coated cotton for a practical as well as beautiful wipe clean tablecloth.

Our gorgeous outdoor fabric is specially designed to withstand the elements with bold bright stripes to provide that extra style boost.

Our wide canvas assortment for beach chairs and directors chairs is truly unique in the Netherlands! Bright colours or something more subtle, stripes or plain. Give your chairs a makeover, or create a beautiful bag from this stunning cotton canvas.


Our fabric comes from international award winning weavers, and is characterised by its authenticity, high quality and rich colours.

We use fabric direct from our own stock, meaning we are able to ensure speedy delivery

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The fabric collection of  kleurmeester.nl:

Cotton fabrics

kleurmeester.nl offers various types of striped cotton fabrics sold per meter. So you can adjust your fabric choice to your needs. Whether it's making a set of curtains for your living room with matching table runners or a multicolored tablecloth, or a new cotton canvas runner for your beach chair, our beautiful cotton fabrics give every interior some spice.

Our 100% cotton fabrics are made from the soft fibers of the cotton plant. Threads are made from the cotton fibers and carefully selected to ensure a robust and durable quality. The cotton threads are then mechanically woven. The weaving technique consists of regular rectangular interlacing of two sets of wires: vertical wires (warp threads) and horizontal wires (weft threads). This weaving technique ensures that there is no difference in the front or back side of the fabric, so that the fabrics can be used on both sides and are equally beautiful. The stripe patterns of the fabrics run over the full widths of the fabric, so there is no repetition in the stripe pattern. Our cotton fabrics vary in width from 43 cm - 185 cm. We also have different types of cotton fabric:

  • canvas Our canvas fabric is 100% cotton quality, has a weight of 350 g / m2, is water-repellent and 43 cm wide. The fabric is extra firm because the threads are woven closer together
  • Cotton Our 100% cotton fabrics are extra wide. Depending on the fabric choice, we offer cotton fabric with a width of 165, 180 or even 185 cm. Ideal if you have a project with a large surface!

    When processing the cotton fabrics, pay attention to the fact that you take account of shrinkage. Since our fabrics are woven with natural cotton fibers, there will be a shrinkage during the first wash (see washing instructions).

We therefore recommend that you always add 10% extra fabric to your required meters of fabric in length. (The shrinkage is much less in width: about 4%).

  • coated cotton

These cotton fabrics are provided on one side with a waterproof coating of 3 layers of acrylic, making the fabric shrink-free and water-repellent. Ideal for tablecloths. Only one side is provided with a transparent coating. We find it important that our fabric tablecloths retain their beautiful, stylish and luxurious appearance. The fabrics with coating are available in 160 cm and 180 cm wide.

outdoor fabrics collection

In addition to our cotton fabrics, we also offer fabrics that are especially suitable for outdoor use. We have carefully selected our outdoor fabric collection for its unrivaled UV resistance. Not only do our outdoor fabrics retain their color, but they are also resistant to long-term outdoor use, without becoming vulnerable, whether in a sunny, wet, chlorinated or saline environment. The outdoor fabrics also had a stain-resistant treatment. The outdoor fabrics have different widths, varying from 43 cm to 175 cm.

  • Acrylic outdoor canvas This sturdy outdoor canvas has a weight of 320 g / m2 and 43 cm wide. Specially designed to cover steering chairs, sun chairs, beach chairs and stools.
  • Uni Uni colored Outdoor fabric We also have a number of uni colored outdoor fabrics in our range. Nice to combine these fabrics with each other or with our striped outdoor fabrics. These fabrics are 150 cm wide and weigh 238 g / m2.
  • Striped outdoor fabric This 175 cm wide fabric is unique in the outdoor fabric collection. With its beautiful stripe combinations, this fabric gives you just that extra extra. Because this fabric is so wide, you can easily cover larger cushions. This fabric weighs 320 g / m2. 





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