beach bag

Feel like taking a trip to the beach? We do too! Throw your bikini towel and sunscreen into a bright striped beach bag and go!

An ideal beach bag to put all your (beach) supplies in.

Even if you do not go to the beach, this bag remains super handy!

  • Available in two sizes: 48x36x10 cm or 62x40x22 cm
  • With large handles
  • With zipper closure
  • made of 100% cotton canvas
  • available within 2-3 working days


beach bag

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If you go to the beach, lake or river, you have to think of a lot of things. Of course you already wear your bikini and your sunglasses are already on. but for a safe and succesful day at the beach there are a number of things that should not be missed in your beach bag. did you think about your beach towel? sunscreen protection, perhaps something on your head for protection from the sun? money, your mobile phone, music, magazines or a book and if necessary; entertainment for the kids. and how about a snack or thirst quencher for yourself and your group? do you also have a beach chair or stool in your hand? with (all) these things you are ready for sun, sea and beach!

quite a few items to take with you right? the larger, the better, seems to be the best motto for the ultimate beach bag. but it is also important that your beach bag is nice and sturdy. after all, everything must be protected.

that's why we make our beach bags from canvas. a sturdy, 100% cotton fabric that is also used for the upholstery of sun chairs and directors chairs. this sturdy fabric immediately gives our beach bag a rugged look. and those cheerful stripes and colors give you an instant sunny feeling!

and if you are good with the sewing machine yourself. you can of course also make your ideal beach bag with our canvas fabric. Or order one of our do-it-yourself bag packages where you get the fabric, handles, zipper and a full description on how to make the bag and you can get started immediately.

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