canvas fabric

One of our bestsellers from our fabric collection; our extensive selection of canvas fabric.

canvas fabric: strong, durable with a tough look and widely applicable.

Sturdy enough to sit in with a width of 43 cm. You just have to finish the beginning and end, we've already done the sides for you!

We have cheerful striped canvas fabric but also uni coloured canvas fabric, with a small dash of colour on the sides. And if you prefer not to use cotton fabric, we also have a selection of outdoor fabrics 43 cm wide resistant to weather influences.

So give your beach chair, director's chair or stool a new fresh look with one of our beach chair fabrics with cheerful and beautiful striped patterns.

canvas fabric

Our canvas fabric is 100% cotton quality, weighs 350 g / m2, is water-repellent and 43 cm wide.

Are you looking for a nice sturdy canvas fabric?

we have that for you! We offer a wide range of colours and stripes. our canvas fabrics are made from 100% cotton and can be ordered per 10 cm or more. Our qualitative canvas fabrics, also called beach chair fabrics, can be used for many purposes. For (re) decorating chairs, directors chairs, stools and bags, this is the perfect fabric. Beach chairs, directors chairs, beach bags, toiletry bags and much more, all made from one of these beautiful striped canvas fabrics. We deliver our fabrics directly out of our own stock so that we can deliver quickly.

Put your sewing machine on the table, so you can quickly start producing your own creation. Do you want to come and see the material first? You are most welcome in our workshop in Haarlem. Please visit us in our shop and let us advise you on these canvas fabrics.

The name canvas, comes from Latin and is a free translation of the Latin name for “made from hemp”, canaves. In the past canvas was woven by hand on weaving looms in a plain weave. a plain weave is a fabric where the threads cross each other horizontally and vertically, one upwards and one downwards. the advantage of this way of weaving is that the tissue is identical on both sides. nowadays, canvas is woven by machine. mostly of a nice cotton fibre like our canvas but an acrylic mixture is also common.

our canvas is still woven with a plain weave so that the canvas fabric has the same nice quality on both sides and the stripes on the front and back are the same. Instead of being printed, like many other canvas suppliers, leaving only one beautiful side. Next to our cotton canvas we also offer an acrylic canvas or outdoor canvas. These too have a width of 43 cm. the advantage over the cotton canvas is that this outdoor canvas is resistant to weather influences. Please read our laundry and maintenance tips on how to treat the fabric.

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