beach chairs

It is so important to balance daily stress with moments of pure relaxation - in your garden, your balcony or at the beach. Settle back in one of our deck chairs and experience the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. With or without arm rests, feet up on a matching stool. Sun, a cool drink and a good book... take some well deserved me time.

Deck chair with comfort and style!

Whichever material or colour runner you choose for your deck chair will add a stunning colour accent to your garden. The runner is easily removed from the frame for washing or for a completely new look. When not in use, the deck chairs are collapsible for quick and easy storage.. or to take away for a day at the beach... or on vacation.

Lightweight and practical at only 4.5kg, and collapsed measurements 132 x 56 x 5cm.

beach chairs

Our beach chairs:

  • our beach chair and fabric are produced in Europe

  • untreated solid beech wood frame
  • at least 3 adjustable height settings
  • choice of with or without armrests
  • removable fabric runner thanks to a wooden post which secures the runner to the frame
  • wide range of canvas cotton or outdoor acrylic fabrics to choose from
  • the runners are machine washable at 30°C
  • able to be delivered within 2-3 working days
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A real wooden beach chair

The frames of our beach chairs are made of beech wood and in our eyes a real beach chair should be made of wood. The runner that is attached in these chairs ensures that you can enjoy them comfortably. You can choose from two models. One with and the other without armrest. We also have a beach chair especially for children. So that they too can enjoy in a comfortable chair.

The cheerful colors of the runners provide a beautiful face in the garden, on the campsite or on the beach.

Do you really want to create a certain summer atmosphere in your garden? Then you can also apply the fabric you have chosen for the wooden beach chair in a matching stool and the director chairs at the outdoor table. For a colorful whole you can also choose different fabrics and create a nice mix & match.

If your taste for the garden changes, the runners in the beach chairs can easily be changed, so you can enjoy the beach chair for years. You can also order a new chair runner from us. And if you have a special wish for your runner, extra length or a cushion, give us your choice of fabric and your wish we will make you a customized runner.

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