acrylic fabric

with our acrylic fabrics you give your outdoors a cheerful colour injection!

Cushions, lounge cushions, sunscreens, sun chairs, directors chairs and folding stools, all become a happy eyecatcher in your garden or balcony made of our special acrylic outdoor fabrics. For once not only the plants, flowers and bulbs steal the show!

In addition to a colourful atmosphere accent, these fabrics are very practical to use. Resistant to weather influences such as UV light, water, moisture and seawater. Antifungal and stain repellent.

Available from 43 cm wide for beach and director chairs, up to 150 cm wide acrylic fabrics, but also fabrics with 140 cm wide designs and finally the 175 cm wide striped fabric. Wondering where you will use our beautiful acrylic outdoor fabric!

acrylic fabric

acrylic fabric suitable for many applications

All our acrylic outdoor fabrics have been carefully selected for the unrivaled UV resistance. That is why you do not have to worry about any discolouration of the acrylic fabrics, the fabric maintains its color. Our outdoor fabrics are also resistant to long-term outdoor use, without becoming vulnerable, whether in a sunny, wet, chlorinated or saline environment. In addition, acrylic outdoor fabrics have had a stain and antifungal treatment.

Our outdoor fabrics are woven in a special way. This means there is no difference in front or back of the fabric and the fabric can be used on both sides. Even the back of your deckchair looks radiant!

The striped acrylic fabrics and double woven fabrics are extra strong and therefore suitable to sit in and thus have sufficient load capacity.

If you would like to use an uni coloured acrylic fabric to sit in, we advise you to either double the fabric or use a ruitex underlay to generate sufficient loading capacity. Of course, all acrylic fabrics are suitable to sit on. Use them to create your own all weather cushions, outdoor cushions or lounge cushions. Our acrylic fabrics can even be used as sunscreens.

All acrylic fabrics are suitable for processing on the sewing machine. The acrylic fabrics can be washed at 30 degrees and dried in the air. View our washing instructions for more detailed information about the maintenance of the fabric.

Our acrylic fabrics with different widths and capacity at a glance:

  • uni acrylic fabrics of 238 g / m2, 150 cm wide
  • striped acrylic canvas fabric of 320 g / m2, 43 cm wide
  • double woven acrylic fabric 290 g / m2, 140 cm wide
  • striped acrylic fabric 320 g / m2, 175 cm wide
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